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There has been a lot of discussion inside the press recently about President-elect Obama’s range of business hobbies, and what those might be. For instance, there seemed to be an article in the Wall Street Journal which will mentioned that the President-elect may be interested in a White House job by CitiBank, which is one of the biggest financial institutions in the country. Right now there have also been accounts in some business newspapers that suggest that Obama may be looking at working with Oracle, which happens to be probably the most popular program corporations on the globe. And talking about software, it has been noted in the past year that the President-elect is indeed interested in purchasing  » Tech Nation » – a high-tech principle in the business globe which aims to help boost American Business simply by improving the country’s THAT infrastructure.

So far as President-elect Obama’s business passions are concerned, they seem to be alternatively limited now in his career, as he has not released his financial disclosure forms for the last two years, and he would not make any kind of this sort of filings if he ran with respect to office. It is actually doubtful in cases where he will at any time release said documents, considering that there exists a strong probability that he can be impeached after his first term as President. However , a single business fascination that will appear in one of his unveiled documents was obviously a proposed licensing deal with Oracle, which was reviewed at size in an on line think aquarium forum. The question that develops here is if such an offer could nevertheless be possible, given that President-elect Obama can be pursuing a state Visit to India this year, which is hoping to affect a deal with all the Indian administration to open up more American economic opportunities to the Indian people.

If such certification deals among international inn operators and American firms can still happen after President-elect Obama becomes President of the United States, or perhaps whether such a deal may well not transpire below those circumstances, is really a several question. One thing is clear though – the moment President-elect Obama was working for office, he was extremely vocal regarding his preference to recommended you read check out greater federal government assistance as infrastructure spending, and this is apparently a key planks of his platform with respect to the inbound administration. Consequently, it would be foolish to uncertainty that the President-elect’s plans contain greater system spending, particularly in the realm of infrastructure guard licensing and training deals. Regardless of whether such a deal breaker can be hit between two international resort operators, and between two different American companies, remains to be seen, but something is clear — after Obama has been sworn into office, the future of business licensing in the United States looks incredibly bright.